• The baculovirus expression vector system (BEVS) is a powerful system for the production of high-quality proteins. Although the timelines are increased compares to the E. coli, proteins produce in the BEVS tend to be more soluble and functional, and can carry post-translational modifications like phosphorylation and glycosylation. The system gives very high recombinant protein yields. ABclonal often recommends baculovirus expression system for custom proteins.
  • According to the reformed classic Bac-to-Bac expression system, ABclonal has a rich experience in choosing the solutions of the intracellular or secretory expression, the signal peptide, the corresponding kind of insect cell lines such as the Sf9, the Sf21, the Hi-5 and the culture method.

Insect Expression Flowchart


  • High Success Rate

    ABclonal has never failed cases with the Baculovirus-insect Expression System.

  • Advanced Optimization System

    ABclonal provides free and advanced codon optimization specific to the Sf9, the Sf21, the Hi-5 insect cell lines based on the nature of the protein. We can choose the best possible protocol to get the highest expression amount by detecting the multiplicity of infection at different time points.

  • Large-Scale Production

    ABclonal can scale up 200 L to express and purify the protein.

  • The Whole Project Service

    From gene to protein: Design and optimize gene; virus production; express and optimize protein; protein purification and post-processing; management of data and report.

Package Details

Service Name Service Content Timeline
Plasmid Construction
  • Gene synthesis with codon optimization & subclone
  • Identification of the recombinant Bacmid DNA


2 Weeks
Virus Proliferation
  • Transfection of insect cell with the recombinant Bacmid DNA
  • Generation of the P1 stock (low titer), the P2 stock (high titer), the P3 stock (higher titer), and the virus titer detectived by the quantitative-PCR


2-3 Weeks
Protein Expression Test
  • Infection of insect cells with the P2 or the P3 stock
  • Protein affinity purification (or other purification method)
  • Quality control


2-3 Weeks
Large-scale Expression & Purification
  • Infection of insect cells with the P2 or the P3 stock
  • Protein affinity purification (or other purification method)
  • Tag free protein (if required)
  • Quality control
  3-5 Weeks
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